UPDATE: 11/3/14 – Developer proposals submitted

On July 22nd, 2014, Sound Transit published its request for proposals (RFP) from bidding/short-listed developers for the Capitol Hill TOD sites.  The RFP included site specific evaluation criteria and scoring for inclusion of community benefits. Not everyone who made the short-list this summer submitted a proposal.  Here is a current list of the FOUR remaining bidders:

  • Capitol Hill Housing; Site B-North.
  • Gerding Edlen; Sites A, B-North, B-South & C (Master Developer)
  • Jonathan Rose Companies/Capitol Hill Housing; Sites A, B-North, B-South & C (Master Developer)
  • Lowe Enterprises; Sites A, B-South & C

Sound Transit plans to make a decision and issue awards for each parcel in Spring 2015.  Links to the Sound Transit RFP documents can be found on our Resources page.  Stay tuned for more updates as we enter the final phases of the developer selection process and plan for our next co-hosted community meeting with the winning developers.  Keep Capitol Hill’s voice strong!  Join our mailing list at caphilltod@gmail.com

Welcome, neighbor!

The Capitol Hill Champion is actively advocating for the incorporation of community goals in the redevelopment on top of Sound Transit’s Capitol Hill Light Rail Station. We’re working hard to promote meaningful and responsive community engagement throughout the development process for these station sites. Please browse around to learn more about the Champion and the history of community engagement to date. Additional information can be found in our library of resources and the summary of community priorities for developers moving forward.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or participating.

In Fall 2013, Seattle City Council and Sound Transit unanimously approved the proposed Development Agreement for the Broadway Station sites that will implement some of our neighborhood vision. The graphics below highlight our advocacy successes and areas needing further community engagement.



In our December 2013 Community Priorities Survey, we asked the Capitol Hill community to rank areas of advocacy by importance.  Over 270 neighbors participated:


A full report of our community survey is included in the Prioritized Community Amenities document, written to assist potential developers in understanding community priorities at the TOD sites. The results of our July 2014 follow-up survey to the community can be found HERE and a full report including community comments can be found HERE.

On January 31st, Sound Transit issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from developers.  The RFQ included a mandatory public meeting with short-listed developers and the Capitol Hill community that was co-hosted by Sound Transit and the Champion.

THANK YOU to the “local experts” who came out to Meet the Developers! On Monday June 2nd, community members packed the Broadway Performance Hall  to meet bidding developers and talk about community priorities at the Capitol Hill light rail station development. The meeting was hosted by the Capitol Hill Champion in participation with Sound Transit.  Over 250 community members and developer team members were in attendance, and there was a lively discussion on twitter via #CapHillStation.  A video of the meeting, summary of  community comments and other helpful documents are available on our resources page.

On July 22nd, 2014, Sound Transit published it’s Request for Proposals (RFP) from bidding/shortlisted developers.  The Capitol Hill Champion does not have a direct role in writing the RFP, in evaluating proposals, or in selecting developers. The criteria for scoring developer proposals in response to the RFP was designed and reviewed by Sound Transit with input from City of Seattle staff. Review correspondence between the City of Seattle and Sound Transit regarding the developer selection process here and here.

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