About the Capitol Hill Champion

The Capitol Hill Light Rail Station opened in March 2016!  Many years prior to the grand opening, the Capitol Hill community recognized this rare opportunity to define the future of the Broadway retail district, to set the stage for exciting urban development, and to build community-oriented public spaces around the station.


The Capitol Hill Champion, a joint project of the Capitol Hill Community Council and the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, has been advocating for the incorporation of community goals into the redevelopment on top of Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail Capitol Hill Station since 2010. The result of extensive outreach and advocacy, the 2011 Urban Design Framework (UDF) sets forth the community’s vision and priorities, identified in public charrettes in 2010 and 2011 and continues to guide advocacy and outreach today:

  • Development projects of the highest quality
  • A permanent home for the Broadway Farmers Market
  • Affordable housing and business space
  • A cultural center and community spaces
  • A Gateway and neighborhood way-finding
  • Environmentally responsible building practices
  • Selective additional height
  • Low-ratio parking

More about the Champion: